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Stay On Your Customers’ Good Side

With Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management is a critical element of the staffing industry. 

BWSI’s TempWizard™ staffing software functions as a CRM system for the staffing industry.

Use TempWizard™ to track every interaction you have with your customers — good and bad — to get a complete history of everything that has taken place in the relationship.

This way, when you’re on the phone with a client and they ask you about an email sent a week ago, you’ll immediately be able to refer to documented historical data so you know what they’re talking about.

Even if you’ve received 1,000 messages since that email, BWSI’s CRM system helps make everyone you talk with feel like you remember every message and interaction. TempWizard™ helps staffing professionals seem like they have superhuman memory, when in reality they just have smart staffing software.

TempWizard™ is intelligent enough to cross-reference your communications. If a customer calls you about one employee, you can bring up a complete historical record of that employee. If you make a change to that employee’s record, it gets updated across the entire system.

TempWizard™ also allows you to search for patterns of behavior and cross-reference those. For example, what if you notice that a lot of workers are walking off the job at one particular site? You could use TempWizard™ to gain visibility into the situation. If everyone walking off the job did so under the same supervisor, you could only see this pattern emerge if your system can search and cross-reference behavior patterns. 

Salespeople are also able to use TempWizard™ to track their sales efforts and progress with prospects. Use TempWizard™ to track your emails, meetings, phone calls and other communication between you and your prospects.

TempWizard™ keeps track of how you found your prospects as well, be it through a referral, an advertisement, a LinkedIn post or other avenue. Using TempWizard™ allows you to quickly determine which marketing efforts are generating the best results.

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