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How Much Visibility Do You Have Into Your Staffing Agency Placements?

Gain Greater Transparency With BWSI

Does your staffing system allow you to manage both current and previous events associated with jobs you fill?

Having a job order management history means you know everything that has taken place on a job. 

For example, if a light industrial worker declines a job because they say the supervisor is too difficult to work for, you should have a place to record that in your staffing software system. That way, if other workers have the same complaint about the same supervisor, you’re able to address what may be a broader problem.

BWSI’s TempWizard™ staffing software takes job order management to new heights. Whatever the case, TempWizard™ can track it.

Our system’s top-down data integration lets staffing industry professionals more effectively manage the details of their temporary workforce.

Use TempWizard™ as job order management software to track and cross-reference: 

  • Employees’ current and previous jobs
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee absences
  • Tardiness
  • Supervisor reviews
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee complaints

If you’re documenting what takes place as it happens and keeping it compiled in a database capable of cross-referencing data from various fields, if could help save you money in the long run.

For instance, the state unemployment taxes you pay are not fixed. They go up or down based on your company’s performance. If you have multiple workers who are terminated and you’re unable to justify it, expect your unemployment insurance rates to rise. But if you’re able to document and qualify every time you let someone go, you’ll have the information you need to make a credible case.

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