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No-Penalty Guarantee

100-Percent Guaranteed Federal, State And Local Staffing Compliance Solutions

Put your back office compliance fears in our hands. BWSI’s Compliance Assurance promise means you don’t have to worry about staffing compliance issues ever again. You’re covered on the federal, state and local level when it comes to meeting taxation and legal regulations. Our staffing compliance expertise includes HR compliance, temp staffing compliance, staffing healthcare compliance and more.

With more than three decades of experience managing critical back office operations such as payroll, billing and collections, as well as a team of in-house experts, BWSI has the confidence to back up our process with a 100-percent compliance guarantee.

And if you’re ever cited for non-compliance, BWSI pays 100 percent of the penalty charge on your behalf. Any charges assessed for addressing compliance issues are paid by BWSI, giving you complete peace of mind.

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