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Profitability Predictor

Know Your True Margins When Placing Contingent Workers

Don’t leave profitability to chance when your staffing enterprise places contingent workers.

Use BWSI’s Profitability Predictor to know what you stand to gain (or lose) before you ever place a worker.

The cost of placing contingent workers is much more than just their hourly wage. There are taxes, worker’s comp insurance and a host of other factors that affect your bottom line. BWSI’s Profitability Predictor has built-in formulas that take into consideration all the parameters of a staffing engagement to show you the true margins for every position and every candidate before you even take the job.

Count on BWSI to ensure your staffing agency software and back office operations are up-to-date with the most accurate information on state, local and federal tax regulations and other data that affect your true margins.

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