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Use TempWizard™ For Staffing Industry Reporting & Analytics

Use BWSI’s TempWizard™ staffing software as a business analysis tool that lets you specify the metrics you deem important for your business. 

TempWizard™’s reporting and analytics tools are able to populate a dashboard of information on pay rates, bill rates, the type of work being done, where the work is performed and more.

Get more out of your reporting with TempWizard™’s powerful metrics tools. Use the staffing software’s standard metrics or program it with your own metrics to get calculations that let you put your fingers on the pulse of your business.

TempWizard™ offers:

  • Customizable analytics tools
  • User-definable parameters for metrics
  • 80 reporting configurations
  • Different layouts and variables to generate custom reports
  • The ability to set up reports based on location, type of work done, pay rates, bill rates and more

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