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How would you like to have a few thousand extra sets of eyes to sift through resumes and find the perfect candidates for the best jobs? 

With BWSI’s TempWizard™ staffing software, you may not get eyeballs, but you’ll get the electronic equivalent, backed by a powerful artificial intelligence engine that can essentially “read” resumes and filter out the most qualified candidates.

Many applicant tracking systems are on the market, but in addition to being comprehensive staffing software, TempWizard™ features a sophisticated resume parsing algorithm that’s a cut above its competition.

TempWizard™ is powerful enough to distinguish between the skills listed on someone’s resume and the skills you’ve actually confirmed that candidate possesses. This is critical for effective job order management because anyone can claim they have certain skills, but you need to verify that before you send them to a job.

The latest resume parsing tool in TempWizard™ creates a quick-reading paragraph stating the kind of work someone would likely excel at based on the candidate’s resume and the skills necessary for specific jobs.

TempWizard™ doesn’t just find candidates based on skills, but on many other customizable parameters, such as location, availability, history specific to the customer, employee status, desired hourly rate and more. TempWizard™ shows what candidates can do for you.

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