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Effective Workflow Management

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How much visibility do you have into what’s happening at your staffing agency?

You can’t manage workflow unless you have the data detailing what’s taking place in your organization stored somewhere.

When your staffing software system offers historical data records of what’s happening at various levels of your organization, you’re able to better manage your business by minimizing redundancy.

BWSI’s TempWizard™ staffing software features a comprehensive workflow management tool that allows you to quickly access a variety of useful information.

Use TempWizard™ to get a clear view into: 

  • Temporary employee work history
  • Job information
  • Job start and stop dates
  • Worker attendance
  • Job supervisor history 

TempWizard™ also lets staffing agencies identify any temporary workers who are scheduled to report to a job soon and remind them via text or email messages where they’re assigned to work and to whom they should report.

This feature is a great way to communicate directly with your employees and keep them up-to-date.

Use TempWizard™ for smart workflow management.  

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