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Does Outsourcing Your Staffing Back Office Reduce Headaches?

You Bet!

When a billing or invoicing error is discovered in your staffing agency’s back office, a lot of moving parts need to be adjusted to correct the error.

For example, if it’s a timesheet error, will you handle it as a function of the payroll or billing side? Staffing agencies need to know what to do in such situations to remain both compliant and profitable.

If your staffing business is a small- to medium-sized company, can you devote the resources necessary to correct billing and accounting errors without hurting your profitability?

BWSI uses a sophisticated, proprietary staffing software program, TempWizard™, which streamlines correcting these errors with integrated data. We use TempWizard™ to put in error corrections on the timesheet level, and the program makes the necessary updates to cost calculations, invoicing and accounts receivable. Essentially, one correction at the timesheet level is all that’s necessary for everything connected with that job to get corrected as well. 

BWSI specializes in accounting, billing and accounts receivable so you don’t have to. Our team is dedicated to understanding all the mechanics of this process, so when you partner with us, you don’t need to worry about what to do when an issue arises.

We’ll take care of your back office so you can focus on your business.  

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