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Should You Outsource Your Staffing Payroll Operations? 

When it comes to payroll, staffing agencies have two choices: do it yourself or outsource the work to a staffing payroll services provider.

If you decide to handle payroll internally, your staffing business is vulnerable to every possible payroll violation that could happen across state, city and county lines. You must stay on top of the latest rules and regulations within all taxing jurisdictions where you do business — a daunting task for any staffing agency that sends workers to several cities and states.

Just because you didn’t know a taxing regulation changed won’t absolve you from paying the consequences. Additionally, if a number of years pass between the time a mistake was made and the time it’s discovered by the IRS or other taxing authority, you’re still responsible for all the penalties and interest accrued in that period. These penalties and fees could cost significantly more than the amount of the original error. 

BWSI offers staffing payroll services that give staffing industry professionals peace of mind.

Amid this ever-complicated industry, BWSI’s outsourcing services:

  • Allow payroll taxing jurisdiction overrides on a timesheet-by-timesheet basis
  • Keep track of contingent workers getting a different pay rate for different jobs
  • Guarantee that if any payroll error occurs, you won’t be responsible for paying associated penalties or fees
  • Enable workers’ comp reporting down to the timesheet level if needed for an audit (commonly needed for light industrial staffing services)
  • Create variable costs for back office functions so you only pay for what you need

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