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Recruit Smarter With BWSI

Does your staffing software allow you to seamlessly store and retrieve data about which of your contingent workers are qualified for and willing to work the jobs you need to fill?

If you don’t have staffing software capable of pulling relevant data and allocating it to individual employees, you’re ill-equipped to find the right people for the right jobs at the right time.

TempWizard™, BWSI’s cutting-edge recruiting software, is capable of storing everything you need to know about your contingent workers, creating a searchable, filterable record you can use to recruit smarter and more effectively.

Search for the right workers for the right job based on:

  • Preferred job site and pay rate
  • Skillsets
  • Schedule
  • Shifts available
  • Certifications
  • Location

BWSI makes it easy for staffing agencies to know their workers’ skills, preferences, certifications, job performance feedback and more.

Use TempWizard™ to track and cross-reference:

  • Employee no-shows
  • Tardiness
  • Certifications
  • License expiration
  • Supervisor reviews
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee complaints

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