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Are You Able To Generate Custom Reports?

With BWSI, You Can!

Staffing agency owners and managers need to keep a finger on the pulse of their business. You need accurate and easily understood information at your fingertips.

Reports should be precise and concise, and show you the data you need, from profitability to placements. 

We all have our own preferences as to how we want to see our data. The system you use must be flexible enough to create reports in a format that is most meaningful to you. And that flexibility is not limited to your use alone. Your clients expect to see their invoices and statements in the format they want. Can your system do that?

The key to an efficient and meaningful reporting tool is the ability to enter the options you want on the data to be included, the level of detail, the format and export choices. Systems designed to do all this give you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

BWSI offers:

  • 80 different reporting configurations
  • A variety of layouts and variables to generate custom reports
  • The ability to set up reports based on location, type of work done, pay rates, bill rates and more

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