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How Do Back Office Outsourcing Services Improve Your Staffing Agency?

The Answer Is In The Numbers

How many hours a day does your staffing agency spend on back office operations like payroll, billing and accounts receivable?

Those hours add up over the years, and the more time and resources you devote to taking care of back office operations, the less opportunity you have to focus on what you do best — staffing and recruiting.

Some staffing agencies have a dedicated in-house team to take care of payroll and accounting. But paying a fixed cost such as a salary comes with many disadvantages. If the people you employ to do your back office work call in sick or take a vacation, you’re still paying their salary. And if there’s some period of time with not enough work for the people that staff your back office, you end up paying them regardless.

When you outsource your staffing agency’s back office operations, this non-revenue part of your business becomes a variable cost. Any savvy business owner knows that variable costs are better than fixed costs. Plus, outsourcing your back office work means that you now have more human capital to invest in doing what you do best.

BWSI offers a comprehensive suite of back office services for staffing agencies of all sizes. Unlike salaried back office workers, we won’t ever call in sick or take a vacation. This means your back office stays lean and keeps you profitable.

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