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Does Your Staffing Agency Ineffectively Handle Timesheets? 

BWSI Has Time & Attendance Solutions For You

The days of workers manually filling out time cards and handing them to a supervisor for manual entry into a system aren’t over yet, despite all the technology available. 

Technology is always ahead of peoples’ acceptance of it. So when it comes to tracking time and attendance in the staffing industry, efficiency is vital, especially if you’re still dealing with manual time entry. 

When you enter an employee’s time into your staffing software, the system should show you the pay rate, bill rate, taxing jurisdiction and other pertinent details about that particular worker and their job. The only data you should have to enter is the hours worked. If you have to do more than that, it’s not only inefficient; it opens the door to potentially costly errors.

Through your own back office outsourcing services or with our TempWizard™ staffing software, BWSI makes keeping track of your contingent workforce’s time and attendance easy with an integrated, top-down database that eliminates inefficiency and creates opportunities for streamlining data entry.

We also make timesheet approval more efficient by allowing supervisors to remotely and electronically approve timesheets.

Our system is flexible enough to process large amounts of data without requiring you to input the information multiple times. This saves your staffing agency time and money.

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